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Griffith Observatory Complete Experience

Posted on 12 Jan, 2024 at 04:03 pm - by Alex Dormer

Visiting Griffith Observatory is a must when during your LA travel. The luxurious allure of Los Angeles lies in the iconic Hollywood sign, which is directly linked to this observatory. The Griffith Observatory is situated on Mount Hollywood and provides spectacular vistas of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. This planetarium, an astronomical museum, beckons tourists from around the globe! Keep on reading to know everything beforehand: 


Griffith Park

One of the best parts of Southern California, with a touch of urban wilderness and expansive land, is Griffith Park. The park is also home to three city golf courses, the LA Zoo, and so many other fantastic places. This park is a huge, vast land that has a harsh terrain, but it’s a perfect hiking spot. With lovely hiking trails and Parkland areas, you can take a deep breath, relax, watch the picturesque views, or have a picnic. This park is also where the Griffith Observatory Planetarium and Theatre are situated.

Getting to Griffith Observatory

It is located in Griffith Park, which stretches on a vast area of 4310 acres. The best way to get to the observatory may depend from traveler to traveler. If you are a hike enthusiast then make your way through the hilly terrains, but if you aren’t too fond of hiking, then public transportation will be your best shot. Take up the opportunity to use the DASH Observatory bus (Red line), whose timings are completely synchronized with the Griffith Observatory’s hours. The bus is air-conditioned and drops you right at the entrance. Getting to this observatory is entirely free for everyone to enjoy, and you can also have access to paid parking at the parking lot. If any of the above options don’t work out, then you can even rent a bike from one of the nearby bike racks and ride on an uphill path. 

Exhibits Halls

The Griffith Observatory has a wide variety of exhibit halls, all of which are astronomically themed, that are intriguing, interesting, and fun. Check out the large Tesla Coil in the Wilder Hall of the Eye or find out how humans perceive and view the universe and how it’s still evolving. Head over to Ahmanson Hall of the Sky which centers around the observation of magnificent celestial movements. For a deeper space exploration, move on to the Richard and Lowis Hunther Depths of Space. For the Chemical Lovers, there is a whole periodic table in real life, and the fun part is that it’s got actual samples for each element. 

The Samuel Oschin Planetarium

The Samuel Oschin Planetarium allows you to delve into the far ends of the universe and the minute building blocks of life. Huge screens with life presentations immerse you in their magical charm, and you are left with excitement as soon as it ends. With its stunning projector and digital projection system, the theatre is the most exquisite planetarium. Every show has a lively and well-spoken narrator, that speaks as if the moving pictures themselves too. The planetarium offers comfortable seating spaces and an emerging atmosphere that leaves your jaw open. There are multiple shows offered, but the most popular ones are Centred in the Universe, Water is Life, and Signs of Life. Centered in the universe allows you to experience life centrally, literally. The show uses state-of-the-art All Dome technology to create a story that teleports spectators into a completely new world of constellations and cosmic surroundings. The 32-minute program Water is Life was originally written and produced for a fifth-grade trip to the Griffith Observatory, which explores the depths of where Water, the sole existence of life could be found, far beyond just Earth. 


The Griffith Observatory is fully decked with four permanent telescopes. One is a Zeiss telescope, that immerses you in the stunning view of the night sky. However, if you still crave a close-up look at the moons or planets, then climb up to the east rooftop. The rest of the three telescopes are situated in West Rotunda. One of the 3 provides a bright white view of the sun, while another offers spectacular vistas through an H alpha filter and the last one showcases a beautiful spectrum. Life images from the telescopes are also shown in the exhibits in the Hall of this sky. 

The Museum and the Cafe at the End of the Universe

The Griffith Observatory was renovated and a new area was dug out on the hillside, which formed a 40,000-square-foot grand space. The open space now holds a new theatre, gift shop, and even a cafe. Head over to the edge of the space Mezzanine. That showcases some objects from space that scientists, have been able to explore. You can find comets or even meteors here. To grab a little snack after a long walk in the Griffith Observatory, proceed to the cafe at the end of the universe. This Cafeteria-styled snack area is open to picturesque views of LA. Despite the normal furniture, the views steal the spotlight, sweeping you off your feet. 

Hollywood Observatory

While the Griffith Observatory boats expansive, stunning exhibit halls, and panoramic vistas take your breath away and the refractor telescope becomes the center of attention, you can still convert your venture into a Hollywood Observatory moment. The Hollywood sign is visible from the observatory’s western side, making it one of the hottest spots to snap Instagram-worthy pictures or just marvel at its magnificent beauty. Movie Enthusiasts will instantly recognize this place as it has been featured in multiple blockbusters. 
The Griffith Observatory is a fascinating place to be. With views of LA, the Pacific Ocean, and downtown around its surrounding., This observatory features much more than just exhibits. It has been used in multiple movies like Rebel Without a Cause and La La Land. The observatory’s exhibit also displays wonderful interactive displays of the changing seasons, eclipses, moon phases, tildes, and many more. Even though visiting Griffith Observatory is free, to make the best of your time by visiting the planetarium and other places, you will still need a Griffith Observatory ticket, which is completely pocket-friendly. So, pull out your explorer hat and head to the land of dreams and excitement. 

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